Clint Wilson

Logos, 2005-2011

A photographic inventory of imaginary specimens of butterflies, their images fixed by a scanner upon the specimen envelopes in which they were originally collected. Hand written data indicating species type, place and date of collection and gender surround the small animals which appear pinned between the cloud like collecting envelopes and a sheet of glass. Their wings are marked with the identifying logos of corporations engaged in the marketing of forestry or bio-chemical products active in the insects indigeunous habitat. At its core, the LOGOS project is about loss or more precisely, metamorphosis. It is a fictitious discourse about creatures that have evolved from their primary (first) nature to grasp a more stable existence within a new nature, a second nature through which they display new vibrant mantles that give them a useful place within our industrialised world. Seen as a collection of mutant or hybridized insects existing within their surrogate home, this project continues my previous re-constructive obsessions through which I create imaginary histories of the natural world that examine the subject of wonder or more specifically what context or conditions are necessary for the wonderful to appear. Each image measures 5 feet high by 3 feet wide.