Clint Wilson

…theory of everything, 2005


Built from altered television antennae, music stands, steel rods, tripods and small motors, the machine essentially sets organic and inorganic detritus into a field of vibrating, pulsing motion. Dried biomass (weeds) collected within proximity to the exhibition site, insects, plastic air sacs and other bits are set into vibrating motion as they hum and sway to an absent breeze. Sprouting from nickel-plated steel armatures, the objects quietly oscillate in regenerative motion to the collective sound of hundreds of vibrating motors. Collectively they produce a low pitched, insect like hum that fills the aural space of the site. Organic and inorganic matter merge into a metallic array of sinewy, plant like form as the fields of flickering, gyrating and rotating specimen's hover in bands and groups of animated organic and inorganic nodes.