Clint Wilson

Science Stories, 1998

Two units of work comprise the recent installation Science Stories. A large bank of glass vessels, open on one end and suspended from the ceiling by guy wires, are surrounded by eight photographic based sculptures suspended from the ceiling. Called respectively ATMOSPHERIC EXCHANGERS and STATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOURSE, the materials and construction are ciphers for scientific utility. These sculptural aperati are components of an ongoing project through which I have been constructing a fictive museum of useless technology. The STATIONS focus upon a central image of a human ear. These silver bromide images are integrated into a compound structure of glass lenses which house, as well, fragments of morphological texts, backlit by a single refridgerator bulb. Taking original phylogenetic charts developed in the nineteenth century by the natural philosopher E. Haeckel, I have redrawn my own maps of genetic lineage and history and incorporated them into these viewing devices. Scattered randomly around the site of exhibition, the following text accompanies the work.

Atmospheric Exchangers Common application: Instruments used for the dissemination, integration, reception, and transportation of vaporous material specific to a given culture. Current use: Gradual integration of eight discrete units of lower boreal forest gases with those of the upper pacific rim region.

Stations of Compulsive Aural Phylogeny Common application: Sites used for the transmission of useless Information.

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